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Felony Biography Photo Felony Biography
Born: 12/14/1979
Aliases: Felany, Melani, Violet, MissDemeanor, Mariah

Date of Birth: January 13th, 1969
Birthplace: Phoenix, Arizona
Current Resident in San Diego, California
Birth Name: Sylvia Solinas
Assumed Aliases: Felicity| MissDemeanor | Mariah
Height: 5' 6" Weight: 117 lbs Waist: 24 Hips: 34
Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Brunette Breast: 34D

Felony was born Sylvia Solinas on January 13th, 1969 in Phoenix Arizona. She began working with relatives in advertising sales just out of high school, and did some modeling shoots for high end clientele. She had a true knack for the modeling scene with her supple smooth Latina looks and natural beauty. After partying with a few friends at a strip club in downtown phoenix she met a few reps for gentleman's magazines and did some spreads for them.

As her talents developed in the photo side of adult fetish, so to would her video exploration take flight. Sending an almost instant success to anything she did. Fetish sensation Felony would squirt her way from private life encounters to gusher frenzies for her growing porn audiences.

I enjoy most any kind of scene in porn as I enjoy fucking and getting paid to do just that on film, notable the only thing that really doesn't set well with her is ATM action.

Working in and around the industry you develop favorites and others you just don't want to repeat anything with. I have really enjoyed working with Playboy and plan to do more with them, as they are such a classy operation. Hustler is always a fun time as you never know what they'll ask you to do next. Naughty America is an awesome bunch along with countless others.

Ashley Steel Posts:

You heard me right, Felony is back and oh how joyous we are to hear that! You might remember Felony from such covers as Hustler of September 2000, March of 2003, and Barely Legal 13 or maybe from her 2002 Best Solo Gang Bang Nomination. Last year she made a brief guest appearance working for Evil Angel, Cousin Stevie, and Naughty America? but this time she's back with a vengeance.

Here's what Felony has to say about why she left, how she feels about being back, and some super sexy fantasies you definitely want to read! Ashley: So tell us, what's coming up for you now that you're back?

Felony: Lots of fun sexy scenes, fetishy stuff of course, duh? AND my own fetish site coming up later this year.

Ashley: So, tell us why you left the business?

Felony: I guess let the stalkers get the best of me last time. I have three children and it just wasn't worth it to put their lives, and my own in danger. Someone had gotten our home address, and I was just scared.

Ashley: Wow, that's pretty harsh. Did you get rid of them?

Felony: YES. I rid my life of all the negativity and changed residences several times. I am ready to have some good sex and fun times without the fears of the past.

Ashley: So how do you feel about coming back?

Felony: To be very honest, I miss it. I love the sex, I love the people, and hell who wouldn't want to get paid to fuck? I just can't stay away? I love my fans and I love this business.

Ashley: So will we be seeing a new Felony?

Felony: Definitely. I feel like I've grown into an even more evolved sexual being and I feel like my fans are about to see the Best felony they've ever seen.

Ashley: So who are you hoping to work for this year?

Felony: I've always loved Hustler. I really am hoping to do a lot more work with them. Also I know Playboy has a lot of new stuff they are doing? I really am looking forward to shooting some stuff with them as well. And I have yet to be pet of the month, eh ehm.

Ashley: What's your favorite thing to shoot?

Felony: Fetish.. For sure. I love being tied up and tying others up. AND I know this may be controversial but giving it to a guy with my strap-on has to be the hottest thing in the world? and therapeutic. I find that to be so fucking hot, I can't even stop thinking about the next time I get to give it to some man. I love giving golden showers too?so dirty and hot. I just love the aspect of letting go of my fluids and someone just taking it all in.

Ashley: Tell me do you have any other fantasies?

Felony: My favorite is - Breaking into a guys house, sneaking into his bed while he's asleep. He's soft, and unsuspecting? Then just touching him and fondling him without him waking up, but being turned on? The thought of putting my lips around his cock and making it grow in my mouth? There is something so sensual about that to me. Its like I really know I'm turning him on? he can't hide it.

Ashley: You are SUCH a Dom. That's hot.

Felony: *Laughs* I know I know?

Ashley: So you sound like you'll go pretty far? do you have any real deal breakers?

Felony: ATM, that's a complete turn off.

Ashley: Fair enough? so tell me, is there anyone you're looking forward to working with this year?

Felony: Sunny Lane - we worked together on Cousin Stevie's set. I taught her how to fist another girl.. OMG we had so much fun. I really am looking forward to fucking her again. Also, as far as male talent. Jack Lawrence - He's made me squirt so hard and so much. Oh my god I love working with him.

Ashley: So this Squirting thing, when did you find out you could squirt?

Felony: The first time I squirted I didn't know what it was. I thought I peed on myself. I was so so so embarrassed. I had to be about 18 years old.

Ashley: Awh, so what did the guy do?

Felony: He actually got really excited. He was like OMG you came and squirted so much. He was really happy. I kept asking him "are you sure this is normal." After that I started masturbating and learned how to make myself squirt too. It was awesome. -

I'm sure you're as excited as I am about her return. This is gonna be awesome. It would be a crime to miss a chance to catch this dazzling young damsel in action.

While her chosen name may conjure up notions of some down-and-dirty lusty Latina who's come into porn the hard way, Porn Star Felony is actually a quite cute and scrumptious young beauty. There's not a hint of hardness about her, and her wonderfully curvaceous figure is 100% natural. Felony exudes a youthful sexual enthusiasm that drives each of her scene through the roof. Felony has been heating up hardcore screens since late 1999.

She got into the industry in that almost obligatory way, showing off her skills in a string of pro-am flicks. She was something of a regular in Ed Powers' 'More Dirty Debutantes' line, popping up in four volumes altogether. Among Felony's best are 'MDD 126,' where she takes on Ed Powers' in a surprisingly passionate plunge, and 'MDD 182,' where she hooks up with Ed Powers' and Jay Ashley in a slam-bang three way. For another taste of Felony at her early best, check out 'Filthy First Timers 17.' There, she joins Tyce Bune and Justine for a scintillating threesome that really brings out her best. Among her best later flicks is 'Soul Survivor.'

Felony heats up the Extreme feature when she joins John Strong for a ravenous rear entry romp. Also not to be missed is Felony's searing session with Voodoo in 'Naughty College School Girls 8,' a highly erotic coupling that shows off her fantastic figure to great effect. Felony's youthfully scrumptious sexiness has found its way into a whole string of oral-only tapes. Her enthusiasm and salaciously slavering skills never fail to please fans of mouth loving mayhem. For sheer over-the-top carnal cavorting, Felony's best scene might just be her fervid threesome with Nacho Vidal and the ever-gorgeous Adriana Sage in 'Please 7.' Felony continues to churn out the sex scenes, and has turned herself into one of the hardest working sex kittens on the scene. With almost fifty features so far and counting, there's sure to be something for everyone in her carnal catalog.

Hall of Fame Inductee Bio:

Felony was born in California in January 1969. A late bloomer into the adult entertainment industry, Felony started performing in adult scenes in 1999 at age 30.

Her stage name allegedly comes from the fact that the first time she was on a porn set, the director said "Just looking at you makes me want to do all kinds of nasty things but I'm not even sure all of them would be legal.' The name Felony got tagged on as an inside joke and it has stuck ever since.

Her first role was in Beau Damascus' movie Super Quick 2 in 2000, and she followed that up with a stream of good performances in titles such as Desire and Deception, The Best Sex Ever, Lollipop Lesbians, Over Stuffed 6 which she was nominated in 2009 for an AVN Award for Best Solo Sex; along with hundreds of other website exclusive porn scenes.

Though she started late in the game, her career has spanned 10 years so far with more than 130 so far and Felony shows no signs of slowing down. With a decade of movies already released and a loyal group of fans awaiting every new movie she makes, Felony is poised to present the very best porn films of her career in the sunset stage during the tail end before she retires, rather than starting out strong and quickly fading away like so many other flash-in-the-pan pornstar wannabees.

2009 AVN Nomination for Best Solo Sex Scene - Over Stuffed 6

Personal Quotes:

The Basics

Hometown: Spokane, WA
Age: 31
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 115
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Red
Measurements: 32E-26-34
Tattoos: Butterfly on my right ankle
Piercings: Ears, tongue, belly button, hood
Heritage: Finish and American Indian
Pets: One Toy Yorkie
Drink: Yes
Smoke: No
My Sign: Virgo

This or That?

Beer or Wine: Wine
Chocolate or Vanilla?: Chocolate
Boxers & Briefs?: Boxers
Hard or Soft?: Soft
Cats or Dogs?: Dogs
Mac or PC?: PC
Love or Money?: LOVE
Phone or in Person?: Person
Coffee or Tea?: Coffee
Sour or Sweet?: Sweet
Cash or Credit?: Cash
Blindfold or Handcuffs?: Both

Sex Baby, Yeah!

Turn-ons: Being kissed all over
Favorite Position: Missionary
Sexual Orientation: Bi
Type of men I like: Fit with a nice smile, teeth and eyes
What gets me off is...: when a man presses his whole body onto me so I can grind myself on him and cum
Type of women I like: Latin
Favorite Sex Toy: The Wand
Favorite Porn: Pirates
Kinkiest Thing I've done: I 'm still woring on this one. Any idea's?
Most Dangerous Place Ive Done It: I'm still working on this one as well. Any idea's?
Mile High Club Member: Not yet
Strangest Place I've Done It: Costco in one of there shed's inside the store
My Fantasies: Sex in the kitchen while I'm cooking dinner


Books: How to make love like a Pornstar
Movies: Sweet Thing, Dirty Love, What Happens in Vegas, Dark Knight
Music: Everything
Musical Artist: Prince, Micheal Jackson, John Mayer, Christina Aguilera
Songs: Titty Dancer, Don't Stop Believing, Purple Rain, In The Air Tonight
TV Shows: Grey's Anatomy, Nip Tuck, Queer as Folk, Private Practice, The LWord, Dirty Sexy Money, ER
Sports Team/s: Whatever team you like I'll be a fan
Can't Live Without: my coffee
I never leave home without: my cell phone
Gadgets: Vibrator
Car: Lexus SUV
Clothing Brands: BeBe, Juicy
Shoe Brands: BeBe, Steve Madden
Drinks: Watermelon Martini, Patron Silver, Sapphire and Soda
Snacks: Beef Jerky, Chocolate, Goldfish, Chewy Runts,
Fast Food / Restaurant: Wendy's, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Taco Bell
Restaurants: Olive Garden, P.F. Chang's, The Depot in Misssoula, MT., Shadow's Keep In Missoula, MT.
Pizza Toppings: Canadian Bacon, Pineapple, Olives, Green Peppers
Places to Shop: BeBe, Juicy, Tiffany, Coach, Victoria Secret, Mac, Nordstroms
Heroes: My Daughter
Holidays / Festival: Thanksgiving
Month/s: July, September
Season/s: Spring and Summer
Vacation Spots: Anywhere warm
Quotes: Holy Good Night, Love's it

Question: Hey Felony .. you are very sexy and very beautiful .. 1 - what do you like in sex ? i think oral & anal .. 2 - do you have any tattoo on your body ? thnks Felony .. kiss ..?
Answer: Thank you! I love to fuck. I love penetration! One tattoo on my right ankle of a butterfly!

Question: Hi, first I just want to said you that your fabulous! I see in an other question that your a squirter but did you ever make a video that you squirt "a lot"? I will apreciate if you answer my question. Thank you! Sorry for my bad english i'm canadian.?
Answer: I think it's in my first scene. I don't think it's out yet. I squirted but I don't know if they got it on film.

Question: Could you send me pics of you other than those on your site??
Answer: You should come to one of my feature bookings and buy and 8X10. I don't have any other pic's I would send. I'm already shwing you all the goods! LOL

Question: Hey Felony, I was wondering Are you interesed in doing dp or bondage anytime in your career? And how long do you wanna pursue your already awesome porn career?!?
Answer: Sorry I won't be doing any dp or bondage. I will continue with my career as long as I'm still having fun with it. I love my fans!

Question: hi,felony,when do yo go to LA??
Answer: I come to LA when I'm doing scenes. Nothing scheduled for a while. I'm busy featuring all over.

Question: Ooopppsss! Just checked your calendar and saw you will be at AEE. Can you post wich booth(s) you will be at??
Answer: AVN in Vegas? I'm not in a booth. I'll be walking arround and going to the parties.

Question: Felony, do you do "third input" in any of your scenes? Also, will you be appearing at AEE in Vegas January 8-11 and, if so, at which booth(s)? I think you are incredibly beautiful.?
Answer: Third input?

Question: hello felony, was wondering when your coming to the northeast, i missed yeah. can t wait to see you ?
Answer: Not sure. Check back I always update my calendar.

Question: Hey I'm new 2 ur site how u doin??
Answer: Good! How are you? How was your holiday's?

Question: Hi baby, are you working in a new scene? greetings, Diego?
Answer: Not as of yet. I'm leaving for Alaska for three weeks for a feature booking. I'll keep you posted.

Question: I have another question! i have another question! Why are you so beautiful? :-)?
Answer: Thank you so much. Wet Kisses!

Question: hey Felony you are the hottest milf ever and i would like to fuck a milf like you but how can i make this possible? ?
Answer: I'm getting ready to launch a contest for my fans to have a chance to do a scene with me. I'll keep you posted on when it's going to start.

Question: hi there u into younger guys ? i would love to do it with u my cock is all yr ?
Answer: I like guys from 25 to 45

Question: Love your pics Felony! Do you ever get to Atlanta??
Answer: I was in Atlanta about a year ago. They don't have to many clubs to feature at.

Question: hi felony, i found out some of your videos such as: i have a wife, my first sex teacher, mommy got boobs, cougar in heat, m is for milf, picture on the main page and etc wearing the same sexy black bra, it is your favourite bra? i love to see you wearing this black bra, it's make you look more sexy, gorgeous and hot?
Answer: Thank you! It is my favorite and besides I can't find to many bras that actually fit me.

Question: are u play with medium cock?
Answer: I do scenes with all sizes.

Question: hi... I just found your sire today and I wanted to ask you about touring to the San Francisco Bay Area. Also, since most of your work takes place in California, are there any local gentlemans clubs that you frequently perform at in southern California??
Answer: There are not that many clubs in Cali. that book features. I wish there were. I live in Vegas and it would be closer. I travel mostly to the east coast.

Question: Hi, what is your motivation in this industry? Is it because you enjoy what you do and think its great that you get paid for it and therefore a double bonus? Did you join the industry to achieve fame or even accumulate wealth (do you really get paid well?) It appears to be several questions but in essence is one; what motivates you??
Answer: I am motivated by my following of my fans. I have been feature dancing for five years and enjoy being hands on with my fans and creating new shows. I enjoy doing porn because I enjoy sex. The money is good but the economy is bad.

Question: Hello beautiful! You are coming to Spain one day, I'm sure you'll like. Lots of kisses.?
Answer: Not sure if I'll be in Spain

Question: What is your favorite holiday (outside of your birthday, of course) and why is it so special in your mind??
Answer: Thanksgiving because I love to cook and it's all about just chillin and not presents.

Question: First of all, I gotta say I love you, you are gorgeous, from head to toe, which brings me to my question... Do you like playing with your sexy barefeet, sucking your own feet, giving footjobs? I love girls who explore with their feet, mmmmm. Would you consider doing something like barefootmaniacs.com? or other foot fetish videos like that??
Answer: Thank you. I do have pretty feet but I don't do any fetish stuff. Thanks for thinking of me.

Question: Do You Have Any Regrets??
Answer: No

Question: hey felony would you ever be in a xxx movie with a female bodybuilder there are lots who do porn, melissa dettwiler is the best :) ?
Answer: I wouldn't see why not.

Question: have you been to england??
Answer: No

Question: What's your idea of a perfect date??
Answer: Dinner, drinks and dancing!

Question: i'm single would you like to go out with an english guy??
Answer: I don't have a certain type of guy.

Question: Hi Felony, I'd like to know what you think about abs? Since high school it seemed as if that was the most crucial male body part to attract girls. I'm not really a tit or ass man myself. i just love the whole body and appreciate the different parts in different ways. If anything I'd say a cute face is the clincher for me. At lest for starters. What normally turns you on first about a guy??
Answer: Abs are nice but I think they get in the way of what the person is really like. Most people with abs are stuck up. I love eyes, teeth, smile.

Question: Dear Felony, you have chosen the name of art for crimes committed in that you have not seebefore? zipolo?
Answer: I know I'm an angel! LOL

Question: Hi Felony, you are Hot Baby! Do you like anal??
Answer: I've done it a few times in my personal life and found it's not really a turn-on to me. I'm new to the xxx scene and might do it for my website in a year and a half to two years.

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